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This is a fantastic machine that offers great results


The Weberneedle Endolaser, for transcutaneous laser therapy (intravenous, interstitial, intra-articular) with 12 outputs for laser-diode-modules 

the one to which the practitioner connect the diodes that he/she wishes to use according with what he/she want to do as therapy


Device for the intravenous laser irradiation of blood and internal laser therapy:

* The world's first certified system for internal laser therapy

* Combination of red, green, blue and infrared lasers

* Up to 12 independently programmable laser channels 

* All frequencies available

* Also suitable for intra-articular treatment of advanced osteoarthritis (knee and shoulder joints) and interstitial treatment of spinal syndromes with Weberneedle catheter technique

Weberneedle Endolaser Laser Machine