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Tattoo Removal ND-YAG 1064Laser,E-Light IPL Hair Removal B-RF Machine

Tattoo Removal ND-YAG 1064Laser,E-Light IPL Hair R

  • I'm selling a gently used, in excellent condition All-In-One ELight Hair Removal+IPL+RF+ND Yag 1064 Tatoo Removal Machine. This machine was purchased in July, 2013 and has been used for personal use with hair removal for around 8 months, and some tattoo removal and brown spot removal. It works exceptionally well for hair removal all over body, brown spot removal, and good with black and gray tattoo removal. You would pay more than $2,000 retail if you went to an Aesthetician for full body hair removal. This machine comes with all original equipment,instructions, attachments, manufacturers contact information, and a large shipping case for storage. The manufacturer also offers instructional videos online as well. The IPL bulb has a life of 100,000 shots and is currently at 17,300 shots. The Tattoo Removal bulb also has a life of 100,000 shots and was replaced and used only 4 times after bulb replacement. Replacement bulb for the tattoo removal costs 150.00 plus shipping back to manufacturer. A replacement IPL hair removal bulb costs 300.00 plus shipping to manufacturer. Must be able to pick item up. This item also comes in large carrying case. I purchased this item off of ebay for $6,298.00 and the link can be seen here: have copied and pasted all selling information from manufacturer below: Features:Elight 4in1 multifunctional equipment: ELight+IPL+RF+Laser Up to 1800watts Real Power, other similar machine only have 800watts power. a machine's result id mainly depending on the quality of power system. we assure you we will use best and most powerful in the market to make sure machine's quality. Do not buy similar cheap machine they may use 2nd hand power system.Work a longtime with Non stop with high energy,professional beauty salon first considerationAll in one Upgated version. Even if one function fail to work, other functions can work with no problem. with 7 Insertable Sapphire Filters! Easy to Change!Wider Filter Range from 430nm, 480nm, 530nm, 560nm, 580nm, 640nm and 690nmSeperate RF handle with 2 tips big for body and small for faceSeperate YAG laser tattoo removal with infrared lighting guideThe imported sapphire light crystal, automatic controlling function ensure cold narcotic treatment without pain.English LCD color screen tactile operation interface, the item parameters intelligence saving requirement, the number of light spot save automatically. we can also customize the language, before purchasing plz discuss details with us.The ABS quakeproof engineering material, anti-static, anti-interference, water pressure reports the mistake operation.Luminous temperature of the crystal reach to -4 temperature, eradicate flare, blister etc. A key can control delicate skin rejuvenation/loss hair, did not need to change optical head and control easilyADAPTING RANGE:7-1 Swooth wrinkles,face-liftingThe E-light technology, focusing on the entire derma and tissue precisely,stimulate collagen growth without hurting normal epidermis. Treating scope:face-lifting and provide flexibility/wrinkles around nose/minimize sweat pores acne scar/winkles atound eyes,eye socket/winkles around/wrinkles between the brows.7-2 Deep flecks, epidermis flecks, whiten and vascularRelease IPL and RF at the same time ,For the same time .For the light power is much less than that in IPL so under the condition of not hurting epidermis tissue,more energyis is absorbed by benign vascular and pigmented lesions and at the same time stimulate the growth of collagen promote skin elasticity.7-3 Acne treatmentShort-wave length light kill acne bacteria,red light and high radio frequency the activity of sebaceous glands.7-4 Removal light-colored or dark and thick extra hairIPL does good dark hair but nearly no effect on light hairs.remove hair around up-lip is an example.E-light is the only system that Removes Hair of all Colors,including White and Gray on all colorsof skin Transmit energy evenly to the hair root and focus on hair theca to destroy hair from the bottom.PARAMETERS:LaserLaser type Q-switched ND:YAG laserLaser wavelength 532mn,1064mnFrequency 1-5HzCooling system Wind cooling+Water cooling+SemicondutorLight source E-light &RFDisplay 8.4 inch touch displayStand Handpiece 15×50mm2 with 7 filters480nm-1200nm for acne530nm-1200nm for red face,red nose,spider veins,skin rejuvenation,age spots,sun spots,pigmentation troubles640nm-1200nm for hair removal430nm,560nm,580nm,690nm for your choicesEnergy 0-50J/cm2(IPL) 0-50J/cm2(RF)Pulse width 0.1-9.9msPulse number 1-99Pulse delay 1-99msShot period(Frequency) 1-3 second adjustableLamp longevity 100,000shotsCooling system Wind+water+semiconductor coolingPower Real: 1700WVoltage AC 110V/220V,50Hz/60HzPackage include:1. Main Machine X 12. E-light Handle X 13. RF Handle X 1 with 2 differnet size tips4, Laser handle X15. Protective Goggles X 26. Filter X77. Foot Step X 18. English manual/instructions