MFG: Syneron 

MODEL: Velashape 

Includes: Vealsmooth applicator, VelaContour applicator, Dual Connector, Key, Power cord, Mast, Manual, 

1 x large applicator covers, 2 x Small applicator covers, 2 x Velaspray 

Patient Aesthetic education DVD, Waiting room video, Syneron case studies booklet 

Condition: Fully operational and in good cosmetic condition. Large Applicator has small crack in the case. 

Videos available of machine operating on both hand pieces and a walk around of the machine 

Warranty: 30 day warranty 

Voltage: 115V 

Software Version: 1.41 

Product Specifications: Laser Type: Radio Frequency 

RF Power: Up to 50 W 

Infared Lamp: Up to 20 W 

Light Spectrum: 700 - 2000 nm 

Vacuum: Pulsed 

Treatment Area: VSmooth - 40 x 40 mm; VContour - 30 x 30 mm 

VelaShape Applications: Circumferential reduction* 

Cellulite reduction 

Body Shaping via cellulite treatment 

Post-liposuction treatment via circumferential reduction 

Post-baby treatment via circumferential reduction 

Multiple Needs – One Solution: 

Treat abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, or neck in less than 30 minutes. 

* FDA cleared for temporary reduction of thighs circumferences.


“ no refunds, all sales are final “

Syneron Velashape I Radio Frequency Laser