Power	1600W
Vacuum	650mmHg
Vacuum pressure	0 ~ 250Kpa
Pump flow	70L / min
Pump	2 pump work for each cryo handle
Transformer for cryo	9V,300W. 2 transformer work for each cryo handle
Led wave length	620nm-770nm
Freezing Temperature	-15 °C~0°C
Handpiece	2 cryo handel work same time, or separately
Display	8 inch color touch screen
Languages	English
Ambient temperature	5 °C ~ +40 °C
Relative Humidity	≤ 80%
voltage	220V/50Hz or 110V/50Hz
Packing size(vertical):         	machine: 115*65*60CM,
Accessory: 43*34*20CM
Weight(Vertical):	gross weight: 60kg.            volume weight: 95kg.

Wave lenth of lipolaser: 	laser diode 635-650nm.
Output power of laser: 	400W.


  • CryolipolysisPower1600WVacuum650mmHgVacuum pressure0 ~ 250KpaPump flow70L / minPump2 pump work for each cryo handleTransformer for cryo9V,300W. 2 transformer work for each cryo handleLed wave length620nm-770nmFreezing Temperature-15 °C~0°CHandpiece2 cryo handel work same time, or separatelyDisplay8 inch color touch screenLanguagesEnglishAmbient temperature5 °C ~ +40 °CRelative Humidity≤ 80%voltage220V/50Hz or 110V/50HzPacking size(vertical): machine: 115*65*60CM,Accessory: 43*34*20CMWeight(Vertical):gross weight: 60kg. volume weight: 95kg. LaserWave lenth of lipolaser:laser diode 635-650nm.Output power of laser:400W.Output power of one laser lamp:50mWEnergy:5 level.Frequency:adjust from 0 to 1000Hz.Output laser patch:6 big lipolaser patch, 2 small lipolaser patch. 10 laser output of 1 big laser diode. 3 laser output of 1 small laser diode. Total 66 laser diode.Work time:30 minutes.Cooling system:air cooling + wind coolingAmbient temperature:+10℃-35℃Relative humidity:30/80%Atmospheric pressures:70/105KpaOperation interface:8 inch touchscreen. 40Khz CAVITATIONFrequency:39.5Hz to 40.5Hz.Size (diameter):70mm.Color:Silver and Black.Handpiece1 40K cavitation RFSize of rf polar:12*20mm.Color:Silver and Black. Work timeCryolipolysis10 to 15 minutes.RF for body10 to 15 minutes40KHz Cavitation10 to 15 minutesLipolaser30 minutesThere’s effective after therapy for one time. Treatment course is 8 times. One time a week