This is a like NEW 2017 Lumenis Lightsheer Desire laser in perfect working order and excellent cosmetic condition


This laser includes :


both the XC and HS handpieces





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about our 2017 Lumenis Lightsheer Desire 


- High Speed Vacuum Assisted Handpiece (Spot Size 22x35mm) 

- High Speed Vacuum Assisted Handpiece (Spot Size 22x35mm) 

- XC Chilltip Handpiece (Spot Size 12x12mm) 

- 808nm Googles 

- Power Cord




Unique features:

    Versatile 805nm and 1060nm diode laser.
    3 handpieces with various spot sizes.
    2 advanced technologies.
    Upgradable features: add capabilities as your practice grows.


LightSheer® DESIRETM now available with 1060nm handpieces

    Laser hair removal for darker skin
    The 1060nm diode laser energy combined with the longer pulse duration overcome the higher epidermal melanin concentrations in dark skin providing safe, comfortable and efficacious treatments.
    Facial treatments and skin rejuvenation
    With the LightSheer 1060nm ChillTip handpieces, you can offer patients facial treatment to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The 1060nm laser energy penetrates deeper into the dermis improving skin appearance and texture.

2017 Lumenis Desire Laser System with both Diode-810 hand pieces