2013 Sciton BBLs  laser w/ Filter Set (VERY LOW USE)


This is a like new 2013 Sciton BBLs in perfect working order and excellent cosmetic condition. 

Fully tested and Operational, Full Set of filters, Skin Tyte module as well

this Sciton BBLs system comes with the Skin Tyte II module. The BBLs utilizes advanced dual lamp technology. Alternating dual lamps extend the life of the lamps. Also includes thermoelectric cooling.


This system is complete with all BBL filters including ST. 


 includes :

all accessories


  * personal and patient *




BBL™ enables treatment of multiple skin conditions with various wavelengths seamlessly using change-on-the-fly Smart Filters. 

• 420 – Acne 

• 515 – Pigmented Lesions, such as freckles, age spots. 

• 560 – Vascular Lesions, such as cherry angiomas, telangiectasias, and rosacea. 

• 590 – Deeper Lesions / Darker Skin Types 

• 590, 640 & 695 – Hair Removal 

• SkinTyte™ is available as a module using infrared light energy to deeply heat dermal collagen leading to a renewed collagen foundation for skin firming. 

2013 Sciton BBLs laser w/ Filter Set (VERY LOW USE) Original parts