2013 Aerolase Lightpod Neo Nd Yag 1064nm Laser;

Good Operating Condition and Excellent Cosmetic Condition;

Low pulse count



6mm, 4mm and 2mm Lens,


Operator Manual


Operator Eyewear

Patient Eyewear


Carry Case


This is a self-cooling machine and has a fan that works within the machine

- Includes a case, goggles, manuals, foot pedal and switch. DVD & manuals.

The Aerolase LightPod Neo is the only 1064nm laser on the market that produces high-powered laser pulses (up to 318 Joules/cm2 on a 2mm spot) with a revolutionary 0.65 millisecond pulse duration, which is shorter than the Thermal Relaxation Time of the skin tissue surrounding the follicle, blood vessel or other targeted tissue structure. As a result, the laser-generated heat is effectively sealed within the target, as it does not have time to conduct outward to the surrounding skin, thus increasing treatment efficacy. Also, because the 0.65 msec laser pulses pass through the skin 5 to 50 times faster than those used by traditional long pulse Nd:YAG lasers they do not overheat the epidermal melanin thus eliminating pain and reducing risk of pigmentary changes. For treatment of larger volume varicose vessels, LightPod Neo also incorporates the 1.5 millisecond pulse duration.


Medical laser with over 30 FDA cleared applications including:



Hair Removal, Acne, Spider Veins, Angiomas, Melasma, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Ulcers, Poikiloderma, Ingrown hairs, Skin Rejuvenation/tightening, Port Wine Stains, Sun & Age Spots, Hemangiomas, Wrinkle Reduction, Nail fungus cure, Scar Revision, Pigmented Lesions,Warts


2013 Aerolase Lightpod Neo laser